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2022-A mixed bag of highs & lows

Well, I don't know about anybody else but I personally will be the delighted to see the back of 2022.
It has been such a mixed bag of emotions and stress.
My personal life was a shit show to be fair but business has been good.
So lets focus on the good things, Firstly, I moved into my gorgeous new studio in the CHC Building. After working remotely for two years, and business thriving, the time was right for me to return to the city centre.
It took quite some time to find the right place, but it was worth the wait.
Workshop, studio, Janice Byrne Goldsmith
Business has been great but definitely quieter than the last two years. That was to be expected after the return of normality to life for most people.
I made so many gorgeous bespoke commissions, I thoroughly enjoyed making each and every one. Lots of sapphires, and lab grown diamonds, Coloured stones and combinations were the order of the day.
Lots of recycling and remodelling too. I do love those jobs. There is nothing more satisfying than giving old pieces new life.
Opal necklace, remodelled jewellery, janice byrne goldsmith, recycled gold
The Made in Ireland exhibition spent several week in Dublin at Farmleigh, and is now in Northern Ireland on its final leg. It’s been such a great experience. 

Made in Ireland, handmade jewellery, janice byrne goldsmith
I was shortlisted again for the Irish Country Magazines Irish Made awards. And also shortlisted for the IDI Irish Design Awards.
It’s such a great feeling to be shortlisted for two awards. 

October saw the launch of a new product in collaboration with my old friend Nadia of Fauna Kids.
Constellation, zodiac necklace
As trying as this year has been. It’s been a good one all in all and I’m really looking forward to a well earned break over Christmas.
Huge thanks to everyone who has supported me this year and previous years. My customers are what makes it all so worth while. 
Let’s see what 2023 will bring. 
 Janice Byrne Goldsmith

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