Recycling your old sentimental Jewellery.

Did you know we are very happy to remodel your old Jewellery here at our studio.
It’s becoming increasingly popular to take old Jewellery and give it a new lease of life, reusing old stones, old broken pieces, mixing them all together to make an amazing new piece.
Recently, I completed the last piece of a set of 4. My mum gave me her old engagement and wedding ring to remodel into necklaces for herself, my sister and my sister in law.
One of the diamonds was going to my sister and the other to me. 
We decided on a design and work began. 
The end result was three beautiful pendants.
One for my mother, symbolized family. 
Containing the birthstones of my parents, my siblings and the grandchildren. 
The second and third pendants, symbolizing mother and child, one for my sister containing a diamond from the engagement ring, and the other containing the birthstone of my sisters-in-law newborn son.
The last piece of the puzzle was a ring for myself, using gold from
rings I no longer wore, and the second diamond from
my mothers engagement ring.  
Each remodel we do here is very personal
to the people who own them. Each piece has a story. Each piece is different.
each piece is irreplaceable.
If you would like have a chat about some
remodeling work, I’m more than happy to talk
you through the processes.

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