Wax Carving Workshop

I'm delighted to announce that due to popular demand I will be restarting my wax carve workshops. I've decided to do a little blog post about the wax carve workshop and answer all the questions I get asked about them.
Where are they held?
They're held in my Studio/Workshop on Drury Street in Dublin 2.
Its a fully functioning workshop so you really get to see the inner workings of how it works.
Who's the teacher?
Well its me, Obviously. I've been working in the Jewellery Trade for over 20 years. I have been self employed for 9 of those. I like to take a very laid back approach to teaching. There's no definite structure to the class. I like each person to go at their own pace, and work towards having one finish wax piece by the end of it.
How much does it cost?
Its €50(€54 inc Booking fee)for the workshop. This includes The class itself and any wax used.
What are those extra costs?
If you choose to have your piece cast, we work out the cost based on the weight of the piece. There is a minimum Charge of €15, From experience, Most pieces work out between €20 and 50 in sterling silver. There is also the option of having the piece plated in Gold or Rose Gold for €15.
You can also opt to have your piece cast in solid gold, The price of that will be worked out by weight on the day.
These amounts must be paid on the day of the course.
If you opt to have your piece posted to you, it will be sent registered post, so that is another small additional cost. If you think about how much you would pay for a handmade ring or pendant in a shop, it really is good value.
What happens in the class?
Usually, Prior to the class, I ask you to have a little think about what you may want to do in the class. There are a number of different Blank wax pieces, so you basically choose which one you would like to work with. I go through basic health and safety in the beginning, I don't want anyone to loose any fingers. You will be working with tools, some of which are quite sharp. So safety is key. I give a quick demo on technique and then I leave you off to begin work on your piece.
Each person works on their own piece, I go from person to person and guide you through. By the end of the class, you should have at least one piece ready to go to the caster. I am keeping the classes small for this reason. I believe More than 6 is too much, I feel that you can't consciously give people the best experience with any more than that.
When do I get my finished piece back?
I aim to have pieces ready for you within 2 weeks but I give a time frame of @3-4 weeks, especially during busy periods. In that time, Your piece will be sent to our caster, I will receive it back, Upon it's return, I will work on it and have it polished up and ready for you to either collect from the studio, or post to you.
Can anyone do these workshops?
Pretty Much. Obviously there is a minimum age of 13, but You don't need any prior experience, Its a relaxed fun, easy going atmosphere. there is no pressure. 
How often do you think you will be running them?
I am planning to run them maybe once or twice a month. Saturdays to start, but will see how demand goes. I don't want to go overkill on them either. 
If you have a group of friend who you think would like to do one,  just send me a message and we can organize a group one for just you and your people.
How do I book?
All Classes can be booked through the Eventbrite link below.
I will be posting Updates on both Instagram and Facebook so make sure you're following me there. 
Alternatively, You can message me and find out that way.

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