Rough with the smooth Disc-Sapphire

Rough with the smooth Disc-Sapphire

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Gemstone set Petite Disc Pendant

As always in life we learn to take the rough with the smooth. This disc is petite yet robust, and is set with a beautiful sapphire.

The disc is approx 13mm diameter. And just under 2mm thick. You can choose between no chain, 16in or 18in chain. 

Because each and every piece is handmade and hand set in our Drury street studio, no two pieces are identical.
Please allow 2 weeks from order date for shipping. 


Sapphire is known as the "wisdom stone", It is said each colour of Sapphire brings its own particular wisdom.
Some Believe it helps to release mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion.  Restoring balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes, bringing serenity and peace of mind.  Stimulating concentration, bringing lightness, joy and peace of mind.
Sapphire is also known as a "stone of prosperity", attracting gifts of all kinds and fulfilling dreams and desires.


We have a wide selection of gemstones available so please contact us for more information and pricing.