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Recent Work

Recent Bespoke rings

Ruth's Ring:
1.8ct Pale grey Salt and pepper diamond, 0.25ct side stones from her grandmothers engagement ring.All set in beautiful 18ct yellow gold.
Gaby's Ring
Gorgeous 1.21ct Forest Green Tourmaline, all the way from Brazil, we chose Salt and Pepper Diamonds to go either side. I hand carved and cast in 9ct white gold with 18ct white gold detail.
Seafoam green Tourmaline with White Sapphire in Rose Gold
Claire's Ring
Beautiful Brazilian Sea foam Green Tourmaline with White Sapphire set in 10ct Rose Gold. This ring has a Smooth Polished band.
Lilac Sapphire in Handcarved 9ct Yellow Gold Band
Laura's Ring
Gorgeous Lilac Sapphire from Sri Lanka.
1.4ct of rustic loveliness set in a hand carved 9ct yellow gold ring.
9ct yellow gold twist ring with lab grown diamonds
Róisin's Ring.
She had seen a gorgeous antique style ring that she fell in love with. But the settings were very high. As was common back then. So I designed this modern version for her with the stones set lower, Karl worked on the CAD. It has older style twist shoulders that hug the side stones. A certified 0.50ct diamond flanked by two 2.5mm diamonds. All lab grown. She wanted ethical. Recycled gold as always.
9ct yellow gold moon with salt and pepper and black diamonds
Niamh's Tiny Moon Necklace.
9ct Yellow Gold crescent moon with a gorgeous salt and pepper brilliant cut and some tiny little Black Diamonds. A lovely bespoke birthday present for one of my lovely regular customers.
salt and pepper diamond, 18ct white gold
Niamh's Ring.
Gorgeous 0.56ct dark and stormy salt and pepper brilliant cut diamond. We chose unplated raw finish 18ct white gold for the setting and ring.