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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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Salt and pepper diamond are relatively new in the jewellery world.
During my training as a goldsmith, With gemstones in general, we were all conditioned to believe that clean and clear and colourless(diamonds) were the only way. 
To this day, it is still the mindset of many main stream retail jewellery brands and shops.
I remember the first time someone asked me to Make a ring with a salt and pepper diamond, it genuinely scared me. It went against everything I had ever been thought about diamonds. But the more I researched them, the more I loved them, and It didn't take long for me to be drawn in by their celestial beauty. 

Thankfully, Somewhere along the way someone said, hang on a second. They saw the beauty of the inclusions and so called imperfections. They appreciated that each and every single inclusion gave each stone their own beauty and individuality. They began to cut and facet what used to be regarded as waste, mainly used for industrial purposes. 

Lets face it, A clear white stone is a clear white stone, as beautiful as they are, they are not individual. Many cannot be told apart.
With me, I had always loved semi precious stones that were included, stones like Tourmalinated and rutile Quartz, moss agate and lepidocrocite. So Salt and Pepper diamonds were a natural progression.
Salt and Pepper diamonds are diamonds, but they are heavily included with Black and white inclusions. Hence the name salt and pepper.
Each and every salt and pepper diamond is completely unique. There are so many shades. From Icy grey, stormy black, Clear white with amazing inclusions that look like galaxies inside,  to Autumnal browns and reds, peachy pinks, earthy greens and buttery yellows. The choices are endless. They are heavenly and earthy all in one.

With Many people now looking for alternatives to the traditional engagement ring. They are seeking out unusual and beautiful gemstones, to break away from the norm. Salt and Pepper Diamonds fit perfectly into this category. They are so versatile and work well with coloured stones.
This enables me to make one of a kind, unique engagement rings at reasonable prices.

Every time a client comes, I
strive try to work within their budget.
Due to the bespoke nature of my work, I can tailor each piece to suit the clients needs. I carefully handpick each stone myself.
I Design and make everything myself, so there is no middle man. 
My inner magpie has amassed a huge collection of beautiful stones over many years. Each one individual and beautiful in its own right. I have built trusting relationships with my suppliers so they are keen to help me find exactly what I need for your piece.
Although I have made and continue to make White diamond pieces, I always Smile with glee when someone comes to me looking for the alternative.

I know many people hear the word bespoke and they automatically think expensive and unattainable. This is not always the case. I am passionate about my work and more often than not, will do what I can to accommodate most reasonable budgets.

Making jewellery is not just a job for me. It’s a passion. Over 20 years in the making. I couldn't ever see myself doing anything else.
So you see, when you buy one of my pieces, you really do get a little piece of my heart and soul.

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