We will be on holidays from 22nd-31st July. No items will be shipped during this time. bespoke books will reopen in August. Click here to get on the waiting list.

Bespoke Work

Bespoke Service available for distinctive handmade, hand finished precious jewellery.

If you have an idea that you would like brought to life, Please do to get in touch, and we can work together to come up with the most amazing piece of Jewellery. 

I welcome all kinds of enquiries and commissions.

I pride myself in working closely with my clients in a very relaxed casual atmosphere. 

Each piece finely detailed, offers a unique interpretation of the clients vision.

 I specialise in bespoke services for alternative engagement and wedding rings, as well as fitted wedding rings.

 If you would like to avail of our bespoke service, Please do contact us below to discuss your vision.

How it Works.

Get in touch Via our contact Page, Include as much detail as possible in the email.

If you're hoping to remodel old or preloved jewellery, Please include some pictures of those. Just to give me a rough idea of what I'm working with.

I will organise a quick chat on the phone.

After this we organise an in person appointment.


Please note I will not copy other peoples work, so please don't ask me to.


How long do bespoke pieces take?

At the moment, Due to high Volumes of orders and delays, The turn around time for some bespoke orders can be up to 10-16 weeks. 

Sometimes they can be done Quicker.

This is all dependant on, the design of the piece, whatever the style is, the processes involved and whether or not we have to source gemstones.

What processes do you use?

Again this depends on the individual Piece, Sometimes the pieces are hand fabricated, and other time we use CAD(Computer Aided Design) and Lost wax casting. Cad can sometimes be a lot more cost effective.

How much On average do people Spend on Bespoke pieces?

Whilst I make it a priority to accommodate your budget, If you have a specific amount in mind, it’s important to let me know this at the beginning. This will influence various factors, including the choice of metal carat and gemstone type.

Do you require Payment up front?

After an initial consultation, I require a 50% deposit before physical work commences. The balance is payable on Completion. 

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